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February 20, 1863: Our Thanks to Gen. Hooker

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Diary Entry:
Pleasant day, windy toward night.

11 O’c. P.M. Dad and I being unable to sleep, have made a fire. he concluded to toss up a cent, and if heads came up best in three, he would make some coffee. if not, heads won.

When he found there was no water in the tent, he then pitched into a loaf of bread and a plate of meat, determined to demolish them.

I undertook to roast a potatoe [sic], when Aleck wakened up and wanted a potatoe too. I roasted one for him and we put them away. We return our thanks to Gen. Hooker for the bread and potatoes.

Midnight. getting ready to go to bed again.

See the scanned diary page.

More Information:
The mention of “Dad” in this entry is puzzling. There is not an entry in the Delaware Compiled Service Record for a Samuel Forwood, who was Cyrus’ father. This is the only time Cyrus mentioned him in his diary. Was his father visiting?┬áDid he call an older tent-mate “Dad”?

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