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February 2, 1863: Too Much of the Ardent

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Diary Entry:
Over at the new camp to day. Officers had too much of the ardent on Saturday which, added to their incompetency caused them to make a blunder, they had a plan of the camp ground, but did not know enough to carry it out. This morning all the huts had to be moved. It is very provoking to be controlled by men who are not capable of holding the position of Hosler [sic] in a Tavern yard and yet such is the case with a majority of our Officers.

we have few honorable exceptions, but they are very few.

See the scanned diary pages 49 and 50.

More Information:
Ardent spirits are strong alcoholic liquors like brandy, rum, and whiskey. A Hostler (which is probably what Cyrus meant by “Hosler”) was a person who took care of horses at an inn, stable or tavern. Cyrus did not seem to think highly of his commanding officers.

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