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December 12, 1862: 18 Months in the Service

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Diary Entry:
Our Division (Hancock’s) crossed this morning. stacked arms on the levee and laid there all day. Mem. I have been just 18 months in the service.

See the scanned diary entry.

More Information:
On Cyrus’ 18-month anniversary with the Second Delaware, General Burnside continued sending reinforcements, including Cyrus’ division, into Fredericksburg on December 12. However, without issuing a plan of attack, the Union troops spent the day looting and vandalizing homes and businesses. This gave General Lee time to reunite his forces and prepare for the inevitable battle.

The sacking of Fredericksburg and biovace [sic] of Union troops
drawn by Arthur Lumley
December 12, 1862

Sources: Library of Congress Photographs and Print Division 

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