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December 7, 1862: Very Cold Last Night

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Diary Entry:
Last night was very cold, the coldest I have experienced since I joined the Army. Three men were frozen to death on Picket.

See the scanned diary page.

More Information:

A correspondent in the sameĀ Union camp outside of Fredericksburg, Virginia, as Cyrus also noted the cold temperatures in a letter to the editor of the Delaware State Journal and Statesman:

It has been cold, bitterly cold, and many have been longing for cheerful fires and extra clothing. The snow fell, and the tents looked like so many sharp-pointed show bands. . . The primary object with all of us has been to find a little warmth, and numerous have been the expedients resorted to in order to generate heat in our tents. The nights have been clear, and the sound of the bugle and drum to denote the hour of sleep, rang out with an icy resonance, while the moon with a pale and frigid face looked down upon the wintry camp scene. The stars seemed chilly, and the entire atmosphere appeared possessed of tangible, acute points of extreme coldness which were applied to us unmercifully. A fifteen months round of military duty in Virginia had rendered us unduly sensitive to these northern impressions, for we had been led to anticipate from our experience a more genial temperature.

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