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November 15, 1862: To Fredericksburg

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Diary Entry:
We were recalled from Picket [duty] early this morning and at 8 O’c. the entire Corps was on the move, we passed Warrenton, which is a handsome little place, then through a barren country, halting, at 3 O’c P.M. in an old field. We are now on our way to Fredericksburg. The country from Harpers Ferry to Warrenton is fertile and well cultivated, but very hilly. This side of Warrenton, it is level, unproductive and poorly supplied with water.

See the scanned diary pages and a map of Cyrus’ progress through the war.

More Information:
After General Ambrose Burnside took command of the Army of the Potomac on November 7, 1862, he revised the plan to move the 120,000 troops towards Richmond. Rather than continuing McClellan’s slog through central Virginia towards Richmond, he proposed moving across country 40 miles to Fredericksburg, Virginia. The city was targeted because it was near the Rappahannock River and ideally positioned along the main road between Richmond and Washington, D.C.

Source: National Park Service Battle of Fredericksburg History

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